Artist Co-op in Salmon, Idaho

Nick Munning

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Nick Munning is a passionate photographer and a recently semi-retired self-employed physical therapist who lives in a home that is nestled along the base of the Continental Divide in Salmon, Idaho.  The Salmon River Valley and surrounding countryside inspires Nick’s creative photographic eye for his landscape, creative, imaginative and macro photography.

Nick is a motorcycle enthusiast who travels throughout the Western United States keeping his shutter ready to “click” along every highway and byway. His semi-retirement has enabled him to more actively pursue a photography career.  “Cruising” awakens all the senses, appreciating the world’s magnificent photographic theater astride a well-tuned bike.

Mission Statement

To provide a medium by which the person will experience the feeling of gentleness, serenity, excitement, memory or mystery while viewing my photographs.

I am true to my passion through inspiration and creativity to stir the soul of the viewer.  I am financially rewarded for my endeavors that I may afford to pursue a growing career to expose my imagery to a larger population.

I choose to have my images presented in landscape, motorcycle and adventure magazines and to be made available through internet stock photo media.

I remain passionate about my photography and creativity while learning new techniques as I experience the evolution of my photography.

I always feel joy and accomplishment from those who appreciate my photography enough to purchase a piece of my creativity.

Thank you.