Artist Co-op in Salmon, Idaho

Linda Johnson

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Linda Johnson was born in Cleveland, Ohio into a family for whom the fine arts were a priority. Consequently, she was enrolled in Saturday tartan scarfclasses at the Cleveland Museum of Art from the time she was in kindergarten until she left for college. She learned to appreciate textiles in all their richness. From her earliest years, she was fascinated by the process of making them. Whenever she saw a loom, she was overcome by desire to own one.

Finally, at the age of 57, the desire was fulfilled. She began the craft assisting with weaving at the Joshua D. Smith Foundation. The learning curve was steep, as she had only books to teach her. Disasters occurred. The desire to avoid and overcome them led her to other weavers, and she has been mentored by members of the Missoula Weaver’s Guild. The past thirteen years have been an endless exploration of color, structure, and fiber. Linda’s discovery that she is descended from weavers on both sides of her family explains, perhaps, why she has felt weaving was her destiny.

Now her workroom is filled with looms and fiber. She owns a four-harness floor loom, a table loom, a rigid-heddle loom, an inkle loom and a tapestry loom. She has stashes of cotton, wool, silk, linen, synthetics and outliers of bamboo, hemp and yak. This year, she has even used recycled plastic bags to weave totes. Linda’s products include rugs, towels, scarves, bookmarks, baby blankets, bags and runners. Her goals include weaving fabric for garments, making full-size blankets and small things like personalized dog collars, belts and shoelaces.

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