Artist Co-op in Salmon, Idaho

Paula Guth

Paula Guth with some of her artwork.


Paula Guth was born and raised in Idaho, originally from Rupert.  She describes herself as never being a city girl, yet never really knew country until she married a back country outfitter and moved to Salmon almost 49 years ago.  On their first anniversary, her husband gave her the Grumbacher Deluxe Oil Painting Kit.  Paula says, “That kit included everything anyone would ever need to paint a masterpiece—everything except  the “how to.”  That was the beginning of my artistic endeavors.  However, family and working full-time kept the paints in the drawer most of the time.   Now that the kids have left the nest and I have retired, there’s more time for fun stuff.   While I never had any formal art training,  I did start a correspondence course but never finished.  I attend some workshops when available and read lots of “how to” books.   Yet all that aside, the best teacher for me was and still is try, try again.

I tend to draw and paint what I know and love, my family, my flowers, my Idaho.   Speaking of family, we are blessed with three wonderful sons, their lovely wives, and eight beautiful and talented grandchildren.  When they visit we enjoy making pictures,  making music, and sometimes even a little paint ball war in the back yard.

One of Paula's paintings.

Paula has worked with many different mediums, but keeps coming back to watercolor.  She explains, “Watercolor painting is like staging a Christmas programs with three-year-olds; never easy and always unpredictable.  It seldom turns out the way you planned but always keeps you smiling.  The best thing is, when pigment meets water (enough water for wiggle room), magic happens.   But ask anybody who paints with watercolors and they will tell you that it can go from “Oh yea! ” to “Oh No!”  in a hurry.  The trick is knowing when to stop.   I don’t know if I will ever figure it all out but, ‘Lord willing, I’ll keep trying. ”

One of Paula's paintings.