Artist Co-op in Salmon, Idaho

Jesse Shipkowski

My name is Jesse Shipkowski I am a freelance photographer based in Salmon, Idaho transplanted from Los Angeles, California. “I just got tired of the rat race in the city and wanted to enjoy the more sensible country life style, I wish I had moved here years ago”.

I heard it said, “Photography is like capturing life’s moments … a fraction of a second at a time.” Photography has been my passion for many years.

Years ago a friend of mine was an avid photographer. He had a 35mm SLR with interchangeable lenses.  I seldom took pictures, and when I did I took snap-shots with a Polaroid.  I saw some of his pictures, and wanted to take better pictures myself.  At first, I was a little intimidated by all the dials and controls on the camera. There was no “auto” anything, all manual settings.  So I learned what an F-Stop was, and how it related to ASA and shutter speeds. When the film came back from the Lab … days later, and I finally saw the results, I just became more curious. I decided it was time to take some Photography Classes at Santa Monica College.  After shooting some black and white film, developing it myself, I was really excited!  Then came time to make some actual prints.  The first time I saw an image come to life as I gently rocked the developer tray, I was forever hooked.

The idea of having an Image in your mind’s eye, and the challenge of creating your vision on paper just fascinated me. I would spend countless hours in the darkroom – burning and dodging – trying to perfect a single image. Things have changed much over the years – Digital Capture and Photoshop, but the basics of having the image in your mind’s eye and being able to create it, whether on paper or a monitor still fascinates me._PBJ4714-4   logojesse_PBJ0854 copySalmon River Swimming Hole near Elk Bend 7106_ copy _PBJ8744 copy DCS_2048 copy _PBJ0510 cr copy_PBJ0946 copy