Artist Co-op in Salmon, Idaho

Sandy Templeton

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Sandy Templeton graduated from the University of Idaho with a degree in art/education; however it was after many years of raising a family and working at other things before she was able to have her own studio and really get involved in artwork. Her love of watercolor began with two sets of classes taught by Dwight Williams of Boise, an artist she greatly admires. Oil painting then took a backseat. Two sets of colored pencil classes from nationally known pencil artist Dava Dahlgren of Idaho Falls started her in colored pencil. Various other workshops have influenced her methods, such as the process of always using a first layer of yellows which came from a class with Linda Moyer of Salt Lake.

For landscapes and animal painting references, she likes to hunt with a camera and collects pictures for her extensive photo files. When bright sunlight is streaming in her windows at home, she sets up for still-life photos because the color and shadows can’t be duplicated with indoor lamps, nor will they stay still for live painting. Sometimes the set-up must be on the floor and pictures taken while lying down.

Sandy’s mosaic work evolved on its own from books and experimentation. She collects dishes from garage sales or thrift stores and combines them with tiles and mirrors pieces, covering pots, bowels, trays, tables, etc. Shells, earrings, and buttons have also been added. Since tile and dish cutting can be very messy, she developed an alternative way to do mosaics with paint-coated papers that can safely be done in kitchen or living room while watching TV on winter nights. She loves the bright colors that mosaic materials provide.

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