Artist Co-op in Salmon, Idaho

Dennis Krasowski

Dennis sized

Dennis Krasowski was born and raised in Southern California and has always had an interest in art. He recalls that his first encouragement to try art was from his uncle who was a police officer for the Laguna Beach Police Department. His uncle was an artist who had won numerous awards at the Laguna Art Festival for his oil paintings. He gave Dennis a pencil set at an early age and he was hooked. Beginning with elementary school and working up through junior high, high school and college he took art classes and contributed to the schools that he attended by doing art projects for them. In fact the logo for the junior high is still being used today. When he was enrolling for college he decided to take two majors, Art and Geology, figuring that there were more employment opportunities in geology than in art, but still wanting to enjoy his love of art.

After graduating from college he worked as a geologist and eventually moved to Salmon in 1990. He continued to work as a geologist, joining the BLM in 2000. He recently retired from the BLM, hoping that the additional time will allow him to pursue art. One of the more recent items that he designed, something that the local residents might know about, is the patch that the Lemhi Emergency Services Council is wearing.

“The majority of my work is with pencil, but I am going to expand to other media such as oil, pastel and watercolor.